Car with trunk open

Bloomington, IL,
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13 Randomly Weird Things Found in Trunks


We asked 3,000 random Americans: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve driven around with in your vehicle’s trunk?”

Here’s what they said:

1. “60 Watermelons”

Because that’s how he rolls.


2. “500 Leis”

Because you never know when a party could spontaneously break out.

Man with lei

3. “A Shark”

So that’s what he meant when he said his car fishtails.

Shark car

4. “A Unicycle”

How’s that for a “spare tire?”

Nam on Unicycle

5. “An Astronaut Suit”

When the forecast calls for 0% chance of gravity.


6. “Suit of Armor”

Perfect for the Renaissance man in your life.

Knight dancing

7. “100 VCRs”

Hey, some people are convinced 8-tracks will make a comeback, too.

VCR message

8. “400 Pounds of Coffee”

For those mornings when that “Venti” isn’t Venti enough.

Person with big mug of coffee

9. “Pink Flamingoes”

Don’t tell the garden gnomes. They get jealous when their lawn mates get to go for a ride.

Pink flamingoes

10. “Pirate Hats”

Her other car’s a schooner.


11. “A Gorilla Suit”

Because you want to be dressed appropriately when meeting friends for a bite.


12. “Bagpipes”

In case there’s nothing good on the radio.


13. “Mannequin”

Because your hair stylist appreciates when you show up to your appointment with visual aids.

Spinning head mannequin

Even on a relatively short trip, despite your climate, you could find yourself stranded for several hours. Be sure you have the proper emergency items in your trunk to stay safe until help arrives.



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