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State Farm® releases top five states in 2021 for lightning claims

Last year, State Farm paid $107M to help nearly 9,000 customers repair or rebuild their homes following damages from lightning strikes.

Top Five States | Total Claims PaidTop Five Months | Claim Cost
1. Texas - $7.7M1. September - $19.5M
2. Georgia - $7.3M2. August - $19M
3. California - $6.8M3. October - $13M
4. Alabama - $6.6M4. November - $9.8M
5. Louisiana - $5.6M5. December - $9.5M

Although lightning is an amazing act of nature, it can cause damage far beyond a storm you watch through your windows. Take for instance, lightning can strike up to 15 miles away from a developed storm. That’s why the adage “When thunder roars, go indoors” makes so much sense and why we get so nervous when that one family member (we all have one) rushes outside when they hear thunder.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, ground surges account for 50% of lightning related claims. This means that if lightning strikes near a home, it can cause a spike in electricity and short out a its electrical systems. Think the cost to replace shorted out electronics won’t hit your pocketbook too hard? Considering that in 2021, the average cost a lightning claim from State Farm was $12,000, you may think again.

“Look at everything in your home that is plugged into a wall. Now, take into account how much it would cost to replace even half of those items,” said Gina Wilken, State Farm Public Affairs Specialist. “Preparation is key for any kind of weather, and lightning is no exception. Have an annual conversation with your agent to ensure your coverage matches your life so that when something happens, you’re covered.”

To prepare your home for lightning

  • Consider investing in lightning protection such as a lightning rod or surge protection devices.
  • Consider a UL-listed surge protection device
  • Talk with a trusted contractor or electrician to decide what is best for your home. 
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