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A $30M Load of Laundry

In 2020, State Farm paid out nearly $30 million on homeowner's claims because of damage caused by washing machine hose failure. Why the steep price tag? Simply put - the water damage the failure leaves behind.

A washing machine hose holds about 70 pounds of pressure and if it fails, it can displace an average of 650 gallons of water per hour. That means if you are away from your home for a weekend and a hose bursts, you may open the door to nearly 31,000 gallons of water in your home. (Imagine a 20’ x 40’ in-ground pool worth of water in your home!) The water can cause damage to floors, drywall, and personal items. It may even displace you from your home for an extended period.

Cause for Failure

The wear on rubber hoses is due to the sudden change in water pressure each time the washer’s automatic solenoid valve abruptly shuts off the water flow. That change in pressure causes the hose to balloon out and then retract, weakening the hose a little each cycle. Most washing machine manufacturers even have warning labels in the manual that state “TURN FAUCETS OFF WHEN WASHER IS NOT IN USE” and states that hoses are not rated for continuous water pressure.

How to Protect Your Home

  • Conduct a monthly inspection of the hot and cold washing machine lines. Look for cracks, bulging spots, and wet areas.
  • Replace supply hoses every three to five years.
  • If possible, install the washing machine in the basement or the first floor of your home.
  • If you are away from your home for several days, turn off the valves to the washing machine.
  • Consider replacing rubber hoses with steel braided hoses.

By The Numbers

The average claim for State Farm was $10,200 but that amount can very state-to-state.

Top Five States | Total Claims PaidTop Five Months | Claim Cost
  1. Georgia $10M
  2. Florida $8.5M
  3. Texas $8M
  4. Alabama $7.5M
  5. California $6M
  1. September $16M
  2. August $15.5M
  3. October $15M
  4. July $14.5M
  5. June $10M
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