Fort Madison, Iowa,
09:26 AM

Along the Road of Life

When Jess Steenberg gets on her motorcycle for an annual benefit ride, she thinks about how things could have been different.

The money raised from the ride helps a local family care for the young child of two of Jess’s friends killed in a crash three years ago. The funds also helped pay lingering medical costs and final expenses.

Jess is an agent team member for State Farm® Agent Thomas Klann, Fort Madison, Iowa. She’s worked for two insurance agents for the past seven years, and is hoping to be a State Farm agent someday.

“I used to feel a little uneasy asking people about life insurance, but not now,” Jess says. “This was a wake-up call. I have seen what happens, and I know what life insurance can do for families.”

Jess says it’s not just about whether you have life insurance or you don’t. It’s about the type of policy and how much coverage, as well as what kind of life insurance – for example, sometimes group life insurance through work might not be adequate. It depends on each person’s individual needs.

“I also talk with people about their beneficiaries, including survivor beneficiaries – meaning if you and your beneficiary both die – so loved ones are protected,” Jess says.

For her friends’ families, they dealt with overwhelming medical expenses and had to wait more than a year to purchase a headstone for one of their loved ones. In addition there are financial challenges of family members joining together to raise a young child.

This year, about 50 people participated in the benefit ride. Though concern for the family is still there, each year the number of participants decline as other events happen and take center stage in a small town. However, the family’s financial needs and expenses continue.

“It’s so difficult to sit with a person who has just lost a loved one,” Jess adds. “But I see how life insurance can ease financial worries so they have time to grieve rather than worrying about returning to work in order to pay the electric bill.”

When Jess thinks about the difference she can make in other people’s lives, she says, “It’s never a good thing to deliver a claim check for a life policy, but I know I’d like to be the one delivering it.”

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Find more resources on life insurance on®.