Atlanta, GA,
11:53 AM

Be a mentor! (Yes, you!)

Everyone has something to offer, to help someone else move forward in life.

Being there for others. Sharing knowledge and experience. Serving as a positive example. That’s mentoring. And we can all do it.

Mentor for good.

Mentoring helps strengthen our communities today in order to make them even stronger tomorrow.

In June 2020, State Farm began working with Leap Year. The Atlanta-based nonprofit is dedicated to improving literacy and college enrollment in metro-Atlanta. A mentorship program is part of that relationship.

It connects members of our Young Business Professionals (YBP) employee resource group with area youth. They help with everything from improving test scores, giving career advice and providing valuable insight. The sessions help the teens further their education and determine their future goals.

“It’s fulfilling to know that I get the opportunity to be a positive impact on someone else's life,” said YBP mentor Glenn Gaston.

The relationships are a two-way street.

“If you're interested in being a mentor, whether it's with Leap Year or in your community in whatever way, do it,” said Brandie Bryant, YBP mentor.

“Everyone has something they can offer and instill into someone else, and you learn that it makes you a better person too.”

Mentoring is a great way to extend the good neighbor spirit all year long. Our Good Neighbor Day Toolkit suggests other ways you can share your time, talents and treasure to make a difference and be a part of 100 for Good.

100 for Good™

At State Farm, we believe doing good is contagious and there are Good Neighbors all around, even though it’s sometimes hard to see. People who, each and every day, make the world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

That’s why we started 100 for Good™.

Giving back, doing good and being there when it counts are all a part of our State Farm culture. It’s who we are, and it’s who you are, too. 100 for Good brings us all together so we can see all the amazing Acts of Good our fellow Good Neighbors are doing across the country.

Big or small, every Act of Good makes a difference. Donating old clothes, paying for a stranger’s coffee, or big acts like mentoring youth in your community.

Join the community of Good Neighbors. Download the 100 for Good app today (available on IOS and Android App stores), start tracking your Acts of Good, and share your story using #100forGood. Together, we can do so much good, and inspire others to join the movement of making this world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

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