Denver, Colo,
08:00 AM

Dancing Toward Her Dreams

Denver’s Lisa Pevateaux is a Dream Achiever

Lisa Pevateaux, a certified public accountant, worked 80 hours a week, yet dreamed of opening a dance studio to teach others to love and appreciate dance as she did. In an effort to keep her vision and creative juices alive, she taught dance once a week to local youth.

One day, during a rare dinner gathering with friends, Lisa received an awakening. Her friends stared at her and delivered an honest assessment. They remarked that she looked terrible, drained, stressed, and altogether unhappy. Some would have been hurt by that comment, but not Lisa.

“That was a defining moment in my life. I knew right then and there that I had a CHOICE to make a change and live life to the fullest, or continue on suffering through stress,” Lisa explained.

Today, Lisa has achieved her dreams and owns two dance studios in the greater Denver area. Additionally, she founded Camp Telaphiba, a local summer dance retreat, as well as other student-led philanthropic initiatives.

“I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people who have walked through our doors at Elite Dance Academy and Camp Telaphiba,” shared Lisa. ”It makes me so happy to see all of our dancers and their families with smiles on their faces. And I’m so thankful for my defining moment.”

Lisa Pevateaux took a chance, rejected the status quo and followed her heart. Now her life reflects her passion for entrepreneurship and dance. She is a Dream Achiever.

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