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Driving without focus

It’s risky, but drivers are doing it anyway.

“Don’t run with scissors,” your mother always said….

Running with Scissors is risky and has safety consequences – so we don’t do it.

Driving Distracted is risky and has safety consequences – and yet, we continue.

It seems like such a simple safety ask – Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel, and Focus while you’re driving – yet drivers continue to engage in risky behaviors behind the wheel.

A recent State Farm Survey examining attitudes and behaviors around distracted driving confirms that drivers are fully aware of the risk and safety consequences of driving distracted and continue to do it anyway with alarming regularity.

Among Drivers Who Manually Interact with Cell Phones While Driving, Percentage Who Consider it Distracting and Likely to Increase Crash Risk

And drivers who had been licensed from five years or less were significantly more likely to use smartphone apps, record videos, and watch videos while driving compared to drivers who had been licensed more than 10 years.

Percentage of Drivers Who Manually Interact with Cell Phones While Driving

Isn’t it time to:

Take the wheel. Put the phone down.

While the distractions, themselves, have changed over the years, the responsibility of the driver remains the same: Focus on the road and stay engaged while driving safely.

  • Distracted driving is destructive driving.
  • Although, roadway fatalities declined consistently for 30 years, progress stalled over the last decade and is moving in the wrong direction. A National Safety Council study found motor vehicle deaths reached an estimated 46,000 in 2022, with at least eight people a day killed in distracted driving crashes.

Take the pledge. The fight to end distracted driving starts with you.

 NHTSA encourages you to make the commitment to drive phone-free today.

  • Protect lives by never texting or handling the phone while driving.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Encourage friends and family to drive hands-free.

Take control.

  • Figure out what distracts you and WHY. Proactively think of ways to prevent it from becoming a distraction before you hit the road.
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