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Supporting Education Is One of Our Foundational Values

State Farm believes education is critical for healthy, vibrant communities. Access to an education helps everyone reach their greatest potential.  

These stories demonstrate that commitment and the people and programs that are providing learners with the tools and resources to help them achieve and realize their dreams.



State Farm Teacher Assist

State Farm is a collaborator within communities to help educators do great things in their classrooms. Teacher Assist is just the latest iteration of our long-standing and foundational support.

The commitment to technology, societal impact and philanthropy is the nexus of Teacher Assist. In February, 200 teachers in five states were awarded $2,500 grants to execute projects in their classrooms. That's $500,000 in direct impact. Read some of their stories.

All of the winning Teacher Assist projects have at their core Good Neighbor spirit – helping others learn so they can be their best selves and contribute to the broader community. They are rooted in the values of helping people – meeting them where they are and helping them get to where they want to be. They embody “Good neighbors. Better world.”

To learn more about Teacher Assist, click the picture to go to the homepage.


100 for Good

Going into our 100th year, we are continuing to build on our commitment to supporting education – particularly as it relates to helping people learn and grow into the workforce that will take us through the next 100 years.

We invite you to join us in supporting education. Show your support for an educator in your area. Volunteer in a classroom, give to DonorsChoose, write a note of thanks - anything to recogize their vital contributions to our neighborhoods.

Doing good is contagious - it inspires others, even virtually. To spread the giving spirit among our neighbors, we've created 100 for Good - a challenge to each of us to complete 100 Acts of Good. We even created an app to help you keep track.

Download the 100 for Good app in the Google or iOs app store then log your act in support of education as your first act of good.