Los Angeles, CA,
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Embrace It, Fail Like Crazy, And Then Succeed

Los Angeles’s Dr. Yasmin Davidds is a Dream Achiever

Dr. Yasmin Davidds grew up in a Latino immigrant family that faced many challenges. Living in the eastside of Los Angeles, she once asked her mother why she didn’t leave, and she replied, she didn’t feel strong enough to leave.

Dr. Davidds knew her mother had the strength, she just had not found it. So, Dr. Davidds made it her life’s mission to help other women find their strength.

Dr. Davidds is the founder and CEO of the Latina Global Executive Leadership and Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Southern California (USC). It is a unique leadership development program that addresses the sociocultural realities of today's emerging corporate Latina leaders and helps them reach their full potential.

With an undergraduate business degree from the USC, a master’s degree in women’s studies from San Diego State University, and her doctoral degree from USC, Dr. Davidds inspires women across the globe to take control of their lives, education and dreams.

She believes in empowering women to be leaders. And she has had help along the way too. She is a graduate of Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) Latina Leadership Institute. The goal of the institute is to train Latinas in leadership and advocacy skills, allowing them to create vital change across California.

“HOPE has had a profound impact on my leadership identity and my life. First, serving on their board of directors for 10 years taught me the true sense of sisterhood,” shared Davidds. “HOPE’s Leadership Institute curriculum elevated my competencies as a community and civic leader and instilled a sense of pride of being Latina.”

HOPE and Dr. Davidds have helped create positive change in California, encouraging young women to graduate high school, go to college, be leaders in their community and promote civic engagement. State Farm has supported HOPE for nearly 20 years.

“The pipeline of Latina leadership in California HOPE has developed is impressive and I am extremely proud to be a product of their hard work and dedication,” Dr. Davidds continued. “The advocacy skills the Institute taught me enabled me to create fundamental change within my community, my business and those I lead.”

Dr. Davidds took a risk, rejected the status quo and followed her heart. Now her life reflects her passion for helping and empowering others. She is a Dream Achiever.

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