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Emoji Cop Making Safety a Trending Topic

Choosing the right emoji can be difficult. Deciphering another person’s emoji message can be just as hard. However, followers of @TrooperBob_SCHP receive the message loud and clear: Safety is always #1.

Standing 6’5”, Sgt. Bob Beres of the South Carolina Highway Patrol is a formidable presence, in person and on social media. Armed with a phone and some creativity, he uses emojis to get the message out about safe practices behind the wheel.

South Carolina is no exception to the national trend of increasing numbers of roadway deaths. As of November 29, 2015, 860 people lost their lives on SC highways compared to 733 deaths recorded during the same period of time in 2014.

@TrooperBob_SCHP recently took to Twitter for a Q&A with @JakeStateFarm and @StateFarm. Check it out:

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