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Claims Adjuster Goes Extra (Hundred) Mile(s)

Injured customer saved by Act of Good

Jeff Stambaugh talks to people on the worst day of their lives, and has for 33 years.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s after a fire or a flood or whatever; when I’m talking to somebody, it’s usually because they’re having a pretty bad day,” said Jeff, State Farm® claims adjuster.

“Pretty bad” turned out to be an understatement during a call last year. Jeff was in the middle of a virtual inspection. A customer’s roof leaked which caused some pretty significant damage to their West Virginia home. Using an app downloaded to the customer’s smart phone, Jeff was looking at pictures of the damaged area.

“We’re doing more and more of these types of inspections,” Jeff said. “It makes it easier for the customers to send in their info so we can process their claim, get them their money and help them recover quicker.”

100 for Good™

At State Farm, we believe doing good is contagious and there are Good Neighbors all around, even though it’s sometimes hard to see. People who, each and every day, make the world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

That’s why we started 100 for Good.

Giving back, doing good and being there when it counts are all a part of our State Farm culture. It’s who we are, and it’s who you are, too. 100 for Good brings us all together so we can see all the amazing Acts of Good our fellow Good Neighbors are doing across the country.

Big or small, every Act of Good makes a difference. Donating old clothes, paying for a stranger’s coffee, or big acts like Jeff’s.

Join the community of Good Neighbors. Download the 100 for Good app today (available on IOS and Android App stores), start tracking your Acts of Good, and share your story using #100forGood. Together, we can do so much good, and inspire others to join the movement of making this world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

Jeff was in the middle of the inspection when all of a sudden, he heard a loud crash. The customer had fallen down a flight of stairs, shattering her ankle.

“She’d dropped her phone and couldn’t reach it, but I could hear her yelling and screaming for help.”

Unfortunately, the only help available was Jeff, and he was hundreds of miles away at the other side of the state. “I didn’t really know what to do, but I knew I had to do something.”

“I kept yelling until I finally got her attention,” Jeff said. “I was trying to keep her calm and trying to keep her conscious.”

She couldn’t reach the phone to dial 911, so Jeff grabbed another phone and dialed for help.

After he got them on the line, Jeff acted as a go-between.

“They were asking things like ‘How far did she fall’ and ‘Can she move’ and ‘Is there any blood?” I kept relaying their questions and giving them her answers.”

When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics picked up the phone that was lying next to the customer on the ground, expecting to hear 911 on the other end.

“I told them, “No, I’m with State Farm; I’m her insurance adjustor.”

The customer was rushed to the hospital and once she arrived, one of the first things she did was write Jeff a heart-felt thank-you note:

Thank you so much for your help with calling 911 and staying on the phone. I dislocated my ankle and shattered many bones, I will need surgery. You were my angel 😇😇. You deserve an award for listening to me scream and crying.

“What an incredible Good Neighbor story this is,” said Jeff’s manager, Bill Lingenfelter. “We’re in the relationship and helping others-business, and this is what it’s all about!”

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