Atlanta, GA,
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Getting Back on Their Feet

When Howard Towns talks about his life before Westside Works, his voice falls to a whisper. “Not good,” is all he would say. But his change in tone, the way his eyes cast down, says it all.

Gene Gaines is similarly reluctant to revisit more painful times. Before Westside Works, he had to spend occasional nights outside because he didn’t have a home.

Howard and Gene were out of work when they decided to take a leap of faith and apply to the Westside Works program. Both men entered a four-week, intensive training construction program. They learned hands-on skills and received industry certifications.

When you talk to them now, it’s as though they’re on top of the world. And they attribute their change in attitude to the power of Westside Works and their new construction jobs.

Participants in the Westside Works program experience transformations that are nothing short of remarkable. Today Gene and Howard are full-time employees of Holder Construction Co. in Atlanta, working on the team building the new State Farm building being built in Dunwoody, Ga.

Westside Works is long-term neighborhood organization, supported by State Farm that focuses on creating employment opportunities. And it is changing people’s lives in the Westside Community of Atlanta.

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