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Giving Back In Gratitude

On his third deployment to Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps, Brian Ladd, was severely injured, causing significant limitations to his daily activities. Performing even basic, necessary maintenance to the family home had become a challenge.

Searching For Help

Brian’s wife Shannon was familiar with programs that helped veterans get into homes, but didn’t know of any programs that helped veterans with necessary home repairs. That is, until she heard about HomeStrong USA’s Heroes Home Repair program.

Brian and Shannon recall the moment they learned their home had been selected for construction assistance. They were filled with overwhelming gratitude, knowing that fixing their dryer ventilation, attending to some electrical and mold issues, and installing maintenance free landscaping would change their lives drastically.

The family watched, with awe and appreciation, the transformation of their home. Shannon was very grateful. The HomeStrong USA volunteers even invited their children to participate in the work. “To this day, Cody and Allison still point out to me, which plants they helped plant. I love that. After all, it’s their home too,” said Shannon.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, as the work was wrapping up, HomeStrong USA arranged for the Ladd family to be honored. Family, friends, and neighbors gathered to celebrate the completion of the home repairs, as State Farm Agent Marshall Scott, presented the family with a new American flag.

State Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) shared, “Efforts like this by HomeStrong USA not only improve the quality of life for a brave Marine, but let’s all our veterans know their sacrifice will never be forgotten.”

“Seeing these projects actually get completed and turn out so great, really gives me a new sense of pride in my home; one that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m truly grateful for everyone coming out to help our family,” Brian shared after the ceremony.

“Every one of our active duty military service members and veterans deserves a safe and healthy living environment for themselves and their families,” says HomeStrong USA CEO, Jed Davis, “We are honored to give back to those who make the American dream possible.”

HomeStrong USA was a 2015 State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship grant recipient, which provides funding to support education and volunteerism, and the Heroes Home Repair program.

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