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Giving Back To Our Veterans

State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant helps non-profit

When you see seventeen-year-old Dylan Dinolfo working in someone’s yard you might think he’s trying to earn some extra money or maybe complete his community service hours.

Truth is, he spends his free time giving back to those who gave so much for us. Dylan is part of a not for profit organization called Hearing Our Heroes. For two years Dylan and his friends have visited the VA hospital to provide lunches, run clothing and food drives, and shovel snow and do yard work.

“There is a future for America with kids likes this,” said Nick Mazella, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.

Hearing Our Heroes is a group founded in 2011 by high school student Sean Egan.

“For me, giving back to veterans is very important because I feel that after my father, a NYFD captain was killed in the 9/11 attacks, our soldiers reassured us all that everything was going to be o.k," Seth shared. 

Seth started the group with no funds but a lot of heart and friends who wanted to help. Each of the 150 members will tell you they have learned to appreciate freedom, liberty and America because of the veterans they met through the program. .

Sean faced an uphill challenge to make his dream of helping veterans come true. In 2013 he received the help he needed when Hearing Our Heroes won a $25,000 grant provided by the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program.

“The goal of the Neighborhood Assist program is to empower communities through the individuals that live there,” said Cooper Kennard, State Farm Youth Advisory Board coordinator. “Through these grants, we’re hoping to help build these incredible projects and allow them to be sustainable for years to come.”

Sean believes that a debt to veterans is something that all Americans have in common, and when we meet and spend time with these men and women, and hear their stories, we understand how huge that debt is.

“Our cause encourages and spurs a sense of patriotism in our members that I am convinced we will hand down to our children," Seth said.

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