Raleigh, NC,
08:00 AM

Helping life go right for North Carolina State University students

State Farm® Agents help students prepare for the workforce

Graduating college and being ready to join the workforce don’t always go hand in hand. Oftentimes, students need help to prepare.

Fortunately for North Carolina State University students, a group of State Farm agents are here to help.

Sixteen agents from across the state started a new Career Development Center Sales Lab. The center will give students access to resources needed for real world experience in sales.

With agent donations and a company grant, NC State outfitted a new sales lab. The multi-functional space has high definition cameras, computers, software, and workplace furnishings. All of which are similar to a real life office setting.

The students can participate in recorded mock interviews and sales calls. They will be able to review and critique their performance to improve interview skills. They can also share their results with potential employers.

The agents mentor and coach students. This includes preparing for events like the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

“The ability of students to sell themselves and sell their ideas is something that never goes away,” shared Agent and volunteer Chad Richards. "Whether these students think of themselves in a traditional sales role or not."

The new sales lab will provide opportunities for students to think critically and solve complex problems. These skills can help with job recruitment after graduation.

We believe in investing in education,” Agent Charles Oxendine shared. “So we are doing everything we can to grow this country, as well as grow State Farm.”

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