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Her Life Ended, But Her Children’s Did Not

‘Insure Your Love’ in the Month of Love

The untimely death of a parent can be an overwhelming loss. But for some young people, it can also mean struggling to put food on the table or keep a roof over your head. It can also make the idea of attending college seem like a fairy tale.

“If it wasn’t for the kindness of friends, my brother and I would’ve been homeless after our mom died of cancer,” said Rachel Tang, a University of Southern California student originally from Bozeman, Mont.

“She had no will and no life insurance and $70 in her bank account. We lived on my college savings,” said Rachel, one of two college students who recently earned scholarships from State Farm® through a program called Life Lessons by Life Happens®.  

“Her life ended, but ours did not.”

Watch Rachel's video.

While no one wants to think about leaving children behind with no resources, it happens. When it does, it can change the path of their young lives.

 Life insurance can make a difference in how your loved ones live the rest of their lives if the unexpected happens to you and they are left behind.

Young families, single parents or anyone with doubts about how their kids would get by without them are the ones who need life or “love” insurance most.

For Lindsey Stevens, the other Life Lessons scholarship winner, the situation was even more complex. She lost her mom when she was 12 and her father when she was 15.

“After our parents died, my sister and I moved in with our grandmother,” said Lindsey, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. “We put her thousands of dollars in debt just to put food on the table.

“We worked all through high school, couldn’t participate in any activities, couldn’t even think about having a car and we knew we wouldn’t be able to pay for college,” she added.

“I often think about what my life would be like if my parents were still alive or if they had a better plan for us. No one could’ve anticipated both of my parents would’ve died so early, but that’s the point of life insurance.”

Watch Lindsey's video.

Life insurance can't bring a parent back, but it can make the future easier to navigate. And it’s not as expensive or as complicated as you think. There’s a policy to fit every budget, and an insurance agent can help you find coverage that’s right for you.

Remember, “love” insurance is for people who live. Insure Your Love this February, the month of Love.