Tempe, Ariz.,
09:22 AM

Hydrating the City

For the second year, the Tempe, Ariz., State Farm® campus hosted a Hydration Drive to provide water to two local police departments and five nonprofits. Organizers had three nonprofits lined up for donations, but had to find four more because of the overwhelming amount of donations.

The final count was 161,658 water bottles collected. The donated water is important in Arizona because of the incredibly hot temperatures in the spring and summer.

“We had a mild spring, but when it’s 115 to 120 degrees outside and you’re a first responder doing a 12-hour shift, you get dehydrated very fast,” says Steve Boomer, State Farm employee.

Lorenzo Lozano, State Farm employee, says, “This water is going to help combat the heat that’s coming. Summer heat in Arizona can be so dangerous for first responders and the homeless community. I’m proud of how driven the campus was to donate.”