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Propelling Innovation at State Farm®

Tech symposium unites people, enhances progress.

Igniting innovation. Simplifying processes. Working smarter. A tech event targeting these tactics is taking State Farm employee development to new levels. You might be wondering: “Who gets to go?” Or, “Where’s it at?”

“IT” happens here

Instead of soaring to a city far away, the annual conference, called the IT Symposium, takes place within the walls of State Farm. It’s open to more than 50,000 employees, and no one has to travel out of town. Held in October, the event is known for hosting tech experts, award winning keynote speakers, digital workshops, interactive presentations and a multi-day Tech Expo packed with vendors, booths, IT demonstrations and giveaways.

“Technology is changing the economic landscape. This event keeps us ahead of the curve,” said Infrastructure Analyst Casey Biddle.

It's a can’t-miss.

Biddle joined State Farm in 1983. He’s been to every IT Symposium.

“Some may call me a dinosaur,” he smiled. “But, witnessing firsthand how technology has evolved from then to now is amazing.”

When Biddle came on board, email, smartphones and social media didn’t exist.

“We had a basket on our desk where paper memos were dropped – that’s how we got information,” said Biddle. “In those days, my computer didn’t even have a mouse. I used arrow keys.”

Fast Forward to 2019 – a lot has changed.

“There isn’t a symposium that goes by that I don’t learn something,” Biddle said. “This event sheds light on new projects and ways of working. When leaders share their vision for the future, it promotes change adoption. This is a great way to get people on board as we continue to evolve.”

What’s the secret to staying current?

"Get as much exposure as you can,” said Biddle. "I would have never thought technology could change jobs as much as it has. From drones, to cloud-based services, to artificial intelligence. No matter your role, learn about tech, follow it. The IT Symposium makes the task easier.”

It's an investment in talent, teamwork and the future - that Biddle says, is paying off.

“I've been a software developer, worked on apps, supported unified media - needless to say, State Farm is a great place to work. Just look at my track record! Thirty-six years and counting.”

New Hires: Here’s What They’re Saying


“State Farm lives up to its title as a Good Neighbor company. I see it in many ways – including how it develops employees. Events like the IT Symposium foster collaboration among departments.”

-Jacob Schroeder (3 years) Software Developer



“The IT Symposium not only teaches me about current technologies, it also makes me aware of future-state capabilities. It feels good to work for a company dedicated to continuous improvement.”

- Sudha Nandam (2 years) Software Developer



“I’m amazed by the company’s commitment to knowledge. This event is a fun and educational way to learn about technology. It truly promotes understanding.”

- Thomas Emola (9 weeks) Software Developer



Fun Facts:

  • The IT Symposium began in 2009.
  • It’s open to more than 50,000 employees.
  • In 2019 the Tech Expo hosted more than 200 booths.
  • Award winning keynote speakers including tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki have presented there.
  • In 2019, a 120-pound drivable robot rolled through. It also shot basketballs.

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