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Kindness is Powerful

Dog bites are one of the most preventable injuries to children. But without a basic understanding of dog body language and how to be a responsible pet owner, children are repeatedly put into harm’s way. In fact, the most common age for dog bite attacks is children between 5-12 years old.

Kindness is Powerful is a new joint effort to educate children on dog safety. State Farm is teaming up with celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, kindness ambassador Megan Blake with Super Smiley, and Leah Brewer with 2013 Hero Dog of the Year, Elle the pit bull.

Kindness is Powerful focuses on teaching the value of kindness, positivity, and how to be responsible around dogs. The campaign also focuses on children and providing messaging around the need for education on dog bite prevention. Dogs trained through the State Farm Arson Dog Program participate by conducting demonstrations and sharing information about working dogs.

What will event attendees learn about?

Celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, from the Animal Planet show “It’s Me or the Dog,” provides important information about how dogs see people and interact with us.

Ambassadors of Kindness Super Smiley and Megan Blake demonstrate how being kind and respectful to dogs can result in a life-long friendship with your pet.

The importance of a dog’s body language and proper etiquette to employ when approaching dogs is demonstrated by Leah Brewer and Elle the pit bull.

Kindness is Powerful works with local organizations (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, community organization, schools, etc.) to host Kindness is Powerful events for elementary and junior high age school children.

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