Lawn Care for a Cause

What began as a punishment turned into a blessing.

When Barbara Wilson’s son, Travis, was rude to her, she sent him out to mow a neighbor’s lawn in Louisville, Ky., as punishment. When she came home later that day, her son was not around. He was still out mowing lawns.

Travis enjoyed mowing lawns. He found it therapeutic. While mowing that first lawn, he heard a family in a nearby neighborhood needed help with their lawn. Barbara took Travis and her other sons to work.

“When I first told the boys they were going to cut lawns, they didn’t like it,” Barbara says. “They had to get up really early when they went out to work. But, by the time I picked them up, they were joking and laughing. They had a great time hanging out together cutting people’s grass.”

Unkuhrupted was formed as a nonprofit in the Louisville area to help those who needed assistance with lawn care. The boys wanted to support those in their community who needed it.

“I know when I was struggling as a single mom, the smallest gesture gives you that boost and lets you know there are people out here that care about you,” Barbara says.

The young men do the work at no charge, only accepting donations for gas and equipment.

“If everybody was OK with helping somebody who was struggling, there wouldn’t be any struggle. If somebody helps me get up, I can reach down and help somebody else,” Barbara says.

Last year, State Farm® donated a truck and trailer outfitted with the Unkuhrupted logo to Barbara and her boys.

“Words cannot explain how grateful we are,” Barbara says. “It definitely motivates us to keep doing the right things. If we keep doing that, our blessings will come back to us.”