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Love beyond words

Martin and Dorothy were finally able to purchase their dream retirement home.

When Martin and Dorothy Sonnenberg’s children were grown and had moved out of the family home, they decided it was finally time to purchase their dream retirement home. But, it wasn’t only for them. They wanted to spend week-ends boating, fishing, and spending time with family, with the hopes of someday enjoying time with grandchildren at the home. They recently became grandparents. They hoped the memories of these family times would become a legacy of love beyond words.

Their youngest daughter, State Farm Agent, Beth Moloughney, who gave birth to the first grandchild only 6 weeks earlier, recalls their excitement as the closing date drew near. She also recalls a very important decision her parents made.

 “My parents were faithful and longtime State Farm policyholders. Both my sister and I have had life insurance since we were infants,” Beth said.

Martin and Dorothy approached their State Farm Agent, James Spera to place insurance on the home they were buying in three days. At that meeting, Mr. Spera presented them with additional life insurance quotes to cover the mortgage on their dream home. Martin, feeling they already had enough, said to Mr. Spera, “Every time we come in here you try to sell us more life insurance.” Mr. Spera replied it was his job to make sure that they were properly covered. After some back and forth, they purchased two policies.

The Sonnenbergs left with the binding receipts and went off to close on their dream home. They named it “The Shore House.”

This should be the end of this fairytale story, but like every fairytale, there is some tragedy. This tragedy was earth-shattering.

Three days after closing on their “dream home,” Martin died suddenly. Shattering the family’s world and Martin & Dorothy’s dream of growing old together in The Shore House. But because of the life insurance, the home was paid in full, and Dorothy never had to worry about that property.

At first, Beth was reluctant to spend time there. She felt it was a “death house.” “My Dad died for this,” she thought. But her grandmother sat her down and explained the best way to honor his memory was to do exactly what he had envisioned with the home.

Dorothy kept that home for the next 30 years where all the grandchildren spent their summers learning how to boat, fish, and enjoy all that is the Jersey Shore. It was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2011.

Life insurance changes lives in many ways. Not just the immediate, but sometimes setting us on the path we are meant to be on.

“This is why I am here today as a State Farm Agent. I was able to see firsthand the value of life insurance and how it has a generational impact and leaves a legacy of love beyond words. ” Beth said.

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