Bloomington, IL,
13:53 PM

State Farm Swinging into Marvel Universe

Six-episode series, Storyboards, celebrates the art of storytelling.

Spider-man swings from building to building. Captain Marvel flies throughout the universe. Thor takes out his enemies with his hammer. Iron Man continues to innovate his weapons. And State Farm® supports through sponsorships.

Marvel New Media just launched Storyboards – a six-episode interview series with famous storytellers. Marvel artist, writer and former editor in chief, Joe Quesada, talks with storytellers about their personal “origin” stories and what drives their storytelling passion.

State Farm is sponsoring the first two seasons of the series. It leads off with Hugh Jackman, known for his 17-year portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men series. The 10-15 minute interviews will be released on Thursdays for viewing on Marvel’s social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.