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National Teen Driver Safety Week Guest Blog

October 20-26 is National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW)

Presley Connor, National College Advisory Council President of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) shares this blog post about the importance of teen driver safety.

Presly Connor, president of SADDOctober and autumn have finally arrived for most parts of the country! As a teen, this means pumpkin carving, fall festivals, and still trying to sneak in some trick-or-treating. As young people, we’re busy balancing school schedules, extra-curriculars, and attempts at having a social life. However, this fun season brings additional risks to teens like me as we get behind the wheel.

Research conducted by State Farm shows that October is the month with the most teen crash claims. Why is this? What’s the cause? Perhaps it’s because with the season comes with shorter days, hazardous weather conditions, and more after school activities. Personally, I find this time of year to be my busiest, and as a newly licensed driver. I find myself on the road more frequently to keep up with my busy schedule. This seems to be true for many of my friends and classmates too, and with more time on the road comes higher risks. Teens are especially vulnerable to distractions, impairment, and drowsiness, which makes any trip more dangerous.

Teens also lack experience behind the wheel. This makes even driving in perfect conditions a challenge. Even though there’s no true substitute for experience, my parents and I still work together on different skills that can help me be prepared for the unknowns of any trip. This preparation can include enrolling in drivers ed courses, reviewing state GDL laws, and establishing restrictions such as curfews and driving boundaries.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) works closely with State Farm to keep young people safe on the roads. In the third week of October, SADD and State Farm participate in National Teen Driver Safety Week. It is a time set aside to shine a spotlight on the #1 killer of teens - car crashes. In most recent studies, 3,255 teens ages 16-19 were involved in fatal car crashes. The most upsetting part about this statistic is that most all of these crashes are preventable. SADD students all across the country will be working with local State Farm agents to spread the word, educate teens and parents, and make sure everyone stays safe this October.

While this season is a fun time for many, we must work together to acknowledge the dangers of the road, specifically for teens. Teens - talk with your parents about good driving habits. Parents - monitor your teens to make sure they are safe behind the wheel. Simple decisions like wearing your seatbelt, putting down the cell phone, and limiting passengers can be the difference in making roads safer. Be safe out there and enjoy the colors of fall.

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