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Small Business Takes Off for Mom and Daughters

Balloons empower girls to reach higher, go farther.

It began with three girls, a lot of imagination, and a love of balloons.

“My children took balloons to a whole new level,” said Fataima Ahmad, owner of Balloon Zoom.

Ahmad is referring to her daughters: Anna, Leila and Noor. Ten years ago they went to a party, saw a balloon twister, and decided to try creating their own inflatable fun. The rest is history.

Photo Courtesy Balloon Zoom (www.balloonzoom.com)“Even at ages five, seven and nine - they had an amazing knack for twisting,” Ahmad said. “We started a small business. Word got out, and the party bookings began.”

Balloon Zoom blew up. Over time, it's evolved into a high-end balloon décor business that builds everything from balloon columns to organic balloon walls. Anna is now a college freshman, but Leila and Noor are still actively involved in balloon builds.

“We run it out of our home,” said Ahmad. “Balloons in our family room, dining room and hallways is a regular thing – consider it part of the décor.”

As the business grew, so did the need for insurance.

“Now that we’re working with corporations, universities, hotels – a certificate of insurance is often required,” said Ahmad. “We got a lot of insurance quotes– but wanted someone we could talk to in the neighborhood, not in a city faraway. Someone that knows us personally.”

They met State Farm agent, Sonia Ntuk.

“Like us, Sonia is a local small business owner,” said Ahmad. “We can always stop in. She’s taught  us so much.”

“It’s an honor to work with small business owners and help them get the coverage they need,” said Ntuk. “Like Balloon Zoom, many small business are home-based. But, homeowners insurance doesn’t necessarily cover a small business.”

What if…

  • a customer gets hurt on your property?
  • an employee making a delivery (in your car) is in an accident?
  • your inventory gets stolen?
  • you cause property damage to a business that hired you?

“They call me the 'Worst Case Scenario Person',” said Ntuk. “But, a small business owner works hard for what they have. It should be protected.”

Of State Farm customers who own a small business,

40% have no small business insurance.

Yet, the average claim a small business owner faces is over $22K.

It only takes a little bit of time to make sure you have what you need,” said Ntuk. “Together, we develop a plan for your financial security.”

Wise Words:

“I think back to the advice the girls were given when they started: If you want to do something, go for it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” said Ahmad. “Having insurance gives us peace of mind to do more and be more.”

As for the future?

“Balloon Zoom is growing, and the girls and I are growing right along with it,” Ahmad said. “We can’t wait to see where we go next.”

“Together, we’re making dreams soar,” said Ntuk.

Spotlight on State Farm Agent, and small business owner, Sonia Ntuk

Inspired by her father (a 30+ year State Farm agent), Ntuk opened her office in 2015.

“It’s rewarding to be a small business owner,” she said. “As a State Farm agent I hope to set a positive example for other women in the industry, including my own 19-year-old daughter. To all the women out there, you can be the boss and decide how you want your small business to look. Have faith, be fearless, and help others. You CAN do it!”

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