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A Touch of Home for a Four Legged Friend

Nationwide Effort Creates Fleece Blankets for Rescue Dogs

Six-year-old Aladdin’s tail is wagging happily today. That’s because a shipment of fleece blankets is being delivered to his furry friends at Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue.

Located in New Jersey, the no-kill rescue is home to pit-bulls in need of loving homes.

Aladdin’s owner and Lilo’s Promise Community Outreach Coordinator, Michele Schaffer-Stevens says the soft items are a source of comfort for dogs in need.

“Having something like a homemade blanket makes a world of difference verses a concrete floor,” said Stevens. “It’s a touch of home for a dog who is waiting for its forever home.”

Aladdin knows what that’s like. In 2013, weighing just 18 pounds and missing teeth…he came into Michele’s life.

“He’d been treated so poorly by a human being. A pit-bull of his size should be about 48 pounds,” Stevens explained. “I took him in and cared for him. Today, Aladdin is a healthy, happy therapy dog who works in schools, with disaster victims, and hospice patients.”


The six-year-old pit-bull is also an ambassador for dog safety programs – and has worked with State Farm to promote responsible pet ownership.

“These are amazing, resilient animals,” said Stevens. “We love to pay it forward in the community, and working with State Farm amplifies our ability to create good in this world.”

The fleece blankets made for dogs in need are part of the State Farm Neighborhood of Good®. The initiative, focused on the power of volunteering, encourages people to donate their time and talent to make a difference in their local communities.

To promote animal welfare, special volunteer events took place across the country. People were encouraged to visit a local State Farm Neighborhood of Good tent to make a fleece blanket for a rescue dog.


In New York City, the creative opportunity caught the attention of many passing by.

“It felt so good to be part of this effort,” said Kionna McClary. “It doesn’t matter who you are, you are creating a positive impact. Just five minutes can make a difference for an animal in need.”

McClary worked at the tent in New York City – assisting people as they created the soft blankets.

“This was a great learning opportunity for children and adults alike, said McClary. “Many asked how they can continue to stay involved. That’s when I told them about the Neighborhood of Good website.”

The website,® connects people to local causes in their community. By typing in their zip code and selecting their interest from a drop down menu, visitors can find a volunteer opportunity close to home.

“There’s something out there for everyone,” said McClary. “Whether that’s pets or music or the environment – it’s about discovering your passion and giving back.”


Interests on the Neighborhood of Good website include, (but aren’t limited to) education, arts and culture, technology, disaster and community services, animals and family services. For people with multiple interests - there’s an “All” category too.

“Many remarked how good it felt to volunteer,” said McClary. “Knowing they were making an impact for an animal in need was the highlight of their day. I’m excited to for more people to visit Neighborhood of Good to continue turning the power of caring into the act of doing.”

And for the dogs at Lilo’s Promise – Stevens says, the gift of a soft blanket, as they wait to find a loving home…is priceless.

“We are truly grateful for the kindness of volunteers. We couldn’t do it without them. A little love, goes a long way.”