Bloomington, IL,
08:24 AM

Not 3 Wishes, 30 and Counting!

Hope is contagious - how a good neighbor makes kids’ wishes come true.

Corey Schieler is a Wish Granter. Sounds like a pretty cool gig, right? But what does that even mean?

Corey is a volunteer Wish Granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the famous non-profit organization that helps chronically and critically ill children live out their dreams.

“Hope is contagious,” says Corey, a truly amazing Good Neighbor and State Farm director. “By giving these kids something to look forward to, we’re helping take their minds off of their illness, even if it’s only for a little while.”

100 for Good™

At State Farm, we believe doing good is contagious, just like Corey and there are Good Neighbors all around, even though it’s sometimes hard to see. People who, each and every day, make the world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

That’s why we started 100 for Good™.

Giving back, doing good and being there when it counts are all a part of our State Farm culture. It’s who we are, and it’s who you are, too. 100 for Good brings us all together so we can see all the amazing Acts of Good our fellow Good Neighbors are doing across the country.

Big or small, every Act of Good makes a difference. Donating old clothes, paying for a stranger’s coffee, or big acts like volunteering with Make-a-Wish.

Join the community of Good Neighbors. Download the 100 for Good app today (available on IOS and Android App stores), start tracking your Acts of Good, and share your story using #100forGood. Together, we can do so much good, and inspire others to join the movement of making this world a better place, one Act of Good at a time.

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