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Las Vegas, Nevada,
09:25 AM

New Music Studio Makes an Impact

Las Vegas youth gained access to a professional music studio to experiment and record thanks to State Farm and Brendon Urie.

State Farm® and Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie teamed up with Notes for NotesTM to bring music education to communities that might not have access otherwise. This collaboration started a few years back, but on Jan. 19, 2020, they took it to new levels – State Farm and Brendon opened their first studio in Brendon’s hometown of Las Vegas.

There’s never been a music program like this in Las Vegas – it’s completely free and provides a safe place for youth to learn a musical instrument, host a podcast, record a song, produce tracks and much more.

“I really hope this [studio] and this safe space provides an opportunity for kids who want to find a path through music education,” Brendon said.

This studio is not only making a huge impact on the children in this community, but is also shaping lives for generations to come. The hope is that this studio helps build confidence and supports the next generation of artists that live right here in this neighborhood.

“To have a place like this, it’s an opportunity for young people to come in and learn about music but also witness how people help each other and really be part of giving back in your community,” said Patty Morris, AVP Marketing.

Notes for Notes is a nonprofit organization that designs, equips and staffs after school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs, offering youth the chance to record music for free. The facilities have professional instruments and equipment, and provide education about careers both on stage and behind the scenes.

In 2019, State Farm dedicated our 2019 Neighborhood of Good® music festival activation to strengthening communities across the country by giving more youth access to music education. And we’ve partnered with Brendon for several years. He’s a community leader and truly believes music education benefits communities. More than 91,000 people interacted with the State Farm festival activations. Each time a festival-goer interacted with a music activation activity, $10 was donated. That equaled $800,000 that State Farm gave to music education through Notes for Notes.

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