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Oh hail we go again

State Farm® releases 2021 hail claim data totaling $2.5B

It seems every year hail starts earlier, and hits harder, than the previous year. However, this year State Farm is reporting some good news. The overall reported number of hail claims and cost in 2021 were lower than 2020.

Total Hail Claims Paid | $3.1BTotal Hail Claims Paid | $2.5B
Total Hail Claims Count | 333,000Total Hail Claims Count | 255,000

However, it’s not good news all around. Texas, the #1 state for hail claims in 2021, increased in claim cost from $474.6M to $710M in 2021. In that same timeframe, Oklahoma moved into the #3 spot, increasing their overall claim cost from $177M to $202M.

Total Hail Claims Paid | Home & Auto

  1. Texas $710M
  2. Minnesota $253M
  3. Oklahoma $202M
  4. Illinois $187M
  5. Colorado $139.5

Damage from hail stretches from vehicle windshields and sunroofs to gutters, windows, and roofs on homes. In 2021, the average homeowner claim totaled more than $12,000 and the average auto claim came in right at $5,000.

“The time to prepare is now,” said Gina Wilken, State Farm Public Affairs Specialist. “Call your insurance agent and review your coverage. After a hailstorm is not the time to find out your coverage is outdated.”

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