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Putting Good "On the Board" Ends Up on the Air

Employee and agent acts of good inspire national commercial.

A day like any other took a different turn when a group of State Farm® employees received a big surprise. Their seemingly “ordinary” actions, contributed to an extraordinary story - one about the collective power of giving back and helping others.

“So you’re telling me, what we did…turned into a thing?” asked Cheryl Pisko.

Doing good is a powerful thing.

Pisko, is among a group of workers whose decision to volunteer served as the inspiration for a State Farm commercial. "On the Board" depicts a friendly competition between two employees. They do activities ranging from neighborhood cleanups, to wildlife conservation, charity fun runs, and supporting the fight against cancer. While the employees are portrayed by actors, the acts of good are real performed, by people like Pisko.

“Typically, I fly under the radar! But when I learned about an opportunity to record my actions and share those stories, I jumped in. It’s energizing.”

Leading up to the State Farm 100th Anniversary in 2022, employees and agents are performing acts of good in the communities where they live and work. As part of the process, they share their experiences through an online portal.

“Giving back is something many of us have been doing for a long time, we just haven’t always talked about it,” said Pisko. “This is a way to do that, and support coworkers in the process. But I never knew my submissions would receive national attention!”


Small acts can have a big impact.

Like Pisko, Customer Care Rep Shawna Meiners couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the commercial.

“I had to watch it a second time so everything could sink in! How cool to be part of something so special.”

From donations to fundraisers – Meiners says a little bit, goes a long way.

“Growing up, I was one of the people who needed help – and didn’t always get it. Now that I’m established, it’s my prerogative to give back. That’s why I give an extra dollar, stop to help someone cross the street, or donate clothes. What might be small to you, means the world to someone else. I know it. I lived it.”

Being a good neighbor feels good.

As they re-watched the national commercial, the acts of good triggered memories.

“The charity run for Parkinson’s!”

“I save turtles!”

“I support cancer research!”

But what stood out most to employees wasn’t one action. It was the underlying message.

“This isn’t about where we work or where we’re from. At the heart of it all is humanity,” said Pisko. “Acts of good create a generous spirit. And that spirit grows and multiplies and changes lives when we make a decision to help.”

“Anyone can make a difference,” added Meiners. "And maybe, just maybe, this commercial is what people need to put that lesson into practice."


Want to get involved in your community?

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