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Spreading the Love Just in Time

2020 Peanut Butter Drive Donations Delivered Pre-COVID

You’re probably looking at the items in your cupboard and on your grocery list a bit differently now. The shelf-stable, protein-packed jar of peanut butter is one staple likely to be getting a bit more respect.

Food pantries have long known the impact peanut butter can have. It's a prized addition to their shelves.

For the past three years, State Farm employees have stepped up to help meet that need. In February, more than 33,500 pounds of peanut butter were donated at our hubs and operations centers. The total surpassed last year’s total by more than 10,000 pounds.

Local organizations in several locations across the country received donations in early March.

Not too long after, COVID-19 shuttered our offices and much of the country. Now, with resources scarce and more people than ever relying food banks, the peanut butter will make an even bigger impact.

Ashley Edling is the Food Panty volunteer and programs manager for the Network of Community Ministries in Dallas. It’s one of 13 agencies that received peanut butter from this year’s drive.

“Shelf stable items like peanut butter provide a lasting effect. We can distribute it to families for weeks after the initial donation," Ashley said.

Some of the Atlanta Hub employees’ donation went to Georgia State University’s food pantry. Many in the university’s student population face unique challenges including food insecurity. There State Farm LIFT Scholars, who receive scholarship support from State Farm, helped stock the pantry’s shelves.

“Philanthropy can have an amplifying effect. The peanut butter donation allowed our LIFT Scholars to give back and support others facing difficult circumstances,” said Heath Wood, Senior Director Corporate and Foundation Relations, Georgia State University.

“It showed them the resources, education, and attitude necessary to succeed in the face of the challenges they’ll face in life.”



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