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Protect Your Family While Safely Viewing the Solar Eclipse

The upcoming solar eclipse, expected August 21st, is a rare and exciting occurrence. This will be the first time since 1918 that a solar eclipse has fully crossed the United States.

Remember these tips to help you safely experience the upcoming solar eclipse.

  1. Do your research in advance. If you must be on the road during the eclipse, plan to be at a rest area well before it reaches its maximum impact in your area. If you are planning to travel to an area in the path of totality, please arrive 1-2 days in advance, especially in more populated areas.
  2. Please don’t attempt to photograph the eclipse with your phone while driving, or engage with your phone in any way.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of fuel in your car.
  4. Purchase NASA-approved eclipse glasses, and use them.

Path of Totality Viewing Times and Locations

These are the cities that are in the path of totality of the eclipse. The eclipse will begin about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours before areas experience complete darkness for approximately two minutes at the times listed below. Cities nearby will also experience the eclipse but the sun will not be fully obscured.


Partial Eclipse Begins

Sun Completely Obscured

Salem, OR

09:05 am PDT

10:18 am PDT

Idaho Falls, ID

10:15 am MDT

11:33 am MDT

Casper, WY

10:22 am MDT

11:43 am MDT

Lincoln, NE

11:37 am CDT

1:03 pm CDT

Sabetha, KS

11:38 am CDT

1:05 pm CDT

Jefferson City, MO

11:46 am CDT

1:14 pm CDT

Carbondale, IL

11:52 am CDT

1:21 pm CDT

Hopkinsville, KY

11:56 am CDT

1:25 pm CDT

Nashville, TN

11:58 am CDT

1:28 pm CDT

Talulah Falls, GA

1:07 pm EDT

2:37 pm EDT

Columbia, SC

1:13 pm EDT

2:43 pm EDT

Charleston, SC

1:16 pm EDT

2:47 pm EDT

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