Ball Ground, Ga.,
14:57 PM

Seven Shots Changed Her Life

Tina Davis loves running, her kids and cats.

But her life changed forever in February. She now loves that she has the opportunity to learn to walk, and run, again.

Tina, a former State Farm® employee, was shot seven times by her estranged husband. At least one of those shots was to the head.

After some marital problems, Tina separated from her husband. He attempted to win her back numerous times. When he realized she was planning to pursue a divorce, he attacked her at her home.

“I was getting ready for work when he kicked the door in and came into my house,” Tina says. “He told me no one else could have me, and then he began shooting.”

Tina was in the hospital for 19 days, followed by inpatient recovery for six weeks, including reconstructive surgery on her hand. She then completed four weeks of outpatient work, and continues to have intensive physical rehabilitation three hours a day, three days a week.

“When I first woke up, I couldn’t feel anything below my waist,” says Tina. “Now I’m walking with a walker. I’m hoping in the next six months I’ll be back to walking on my own. I want to return to being a fitness instructor and a runner.”

The first two years of rehabilitation are when patients experience the most improvements, so Tina is hoping to make the most of her next two years. Tina ran six half-marathons in 2017. “In 2020, my goal is to run 12 half-marathons.”

Tina knows she has a lot of recovery ahead of her, but she’s celebrating her rehabilitation and the first responders who saved her.

“My niece wanted to do something for me, and she suggested we do a benefit race during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” Tina says. “I loved the idea. It benefits the North Georgia Mountain Crisis Network Inc. and the Cherokee Family Violence Center in Canton, Ga.”

The event included a 5K run, a 1-mile fun run, games and face painting. Tina shared her story and thanked the paramedic, EMT and police officers who helped save her during her domestic violence attack.

“It went well. We had 281 runners. I participated in the 1-mile run. I did most of it my wheelchair, but I walked across the finish line,” Tina says.

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