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Skateboarders Changing Lives

The Lincoln, Nebraska way

“If you can teach a young person to not be selfish, you’re changing the way they think forever…Teaching them how to give back is a really special thing.” Shared Mike Smith, Founder Skate For Change

Skate For Change is a local effort and is part of a non-profit organization in Lincoln Nebraska, The Bay.

The Bay was created to fulfill an unmet need, not only in Lincoln, but in Nebraska as a whole. The absence of a complex where Lincoln’s youth could truly come and pursue their creative outlets, whether it be skateboarding, music, or another form of artistic expression.

The Bay hopes their facilities and services will keep local youth interested in pursuing their passions and staying away from paths that could take them in the wrong direction.

As one of the programs within The Bay, Skate For Change works to make a positive impact on the local community and in the lives of those who volunteer. Essentially, Skate For Change is “just making a positive impact in our community while using our skateboards,” exclaims Mike..

Riding their skateboards, volunteers with Skate For Change deliver needed supplies, meals and essentials to those in need in the Lincoln area.

More than that, Skate For Change changes the lives of those who volunteer. The kids gain a deeper appreciation for helping the community simply by grabbing their skateboards and distributing essentials to those in need within the community.

In 2012, The Bay and Skate For Change managed to amass more than 70,000 votes to win a State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant. In 2013 they did it all over again to take home another grant.

The Bay and Skate For Change have used this money to build a new facility. It has an art gallery, a concert venue, skate-park and even a coffee shop, all which are open as late as 2 A.M.

They also hired a youth outreach worker to be on site daily to help youth in whatever ways possible. On the weekends youth from Skate for Change take to the streets and provide assistance to the homeless in Lincoln.

The Bay is here to help kids reach their goal and dreams in a safe and healthy environment, while instilling service and community values.


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