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A Local Connection

Chance Encounter Creates Positive Outcome for Small Business Owner

In the spring of 2017, Ben Northcutt of Rockwall, Texas made a life change. He decided to start his own business.

“I wore a uniform for 20 years,” said Ben. “Served in the military, with law enforcement, then got my technician certification and went to work in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.”

Ben says his past experiences taught him the value of working hard while helping others – factors that inspired him to start his own heating and cooling company.

“It’s called All Care Comfort Solutions,” he smiled. “Texas gets pretty hot, so it’s important air conditioners work!”

But sweltering heat isn’t the only weather condition common in Texas. The state also gets its fair share of storms.

“We had a hail storm come through and my work vehicle was in its path,” said Ben. “I had to make a claim on it. But just to get simple claim for my truck was a real chore.”

Before a frustrating situation got worse, Ben met another small business owner: State Farm agent Brian Llewellyn.

“Brian and I do charity work in the community, which is how we crossed paths,” Ben explained. “I started seeing Brian at all sorts of local functions and told him, ‘Gee, we should start riding in the same car!’”

“Ben and I struck up a conversation and I invited him to my office to evaluate his current policies,” said Brian. “As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of proper protection.”

Prior to becoming a State Farm agent, Brian worked on the State Farm Catastrophe Team – traveling across the country to help customers affected by hurricanes, wildfires, ice storms and tornadoes.

“I worked with many small business owners,” said Brian. “After suffering a devastating loss, they knew it was critical to keep the doors open. In the end, it’s not just the small business owner who’s impacted…their employees, their customers and their neighbors are affected too. Having the right insurance coverage is essential so a business can survive.”

Helping Life Go Right

Shortly after speaking with Brian, Ben met him at his office. While reviewing his policies, Brian discovered a big gap:

Ben had insurance on his work truck, but did not have coverage for the items inside it.

“I was shocked,” said Ben. “I didn’t realize if my vehicle was burglarized and everything was stolen – I would not be covered. My truck carries expensive equipment. Refrigerant parts, hand tools, power tools, pumps, gauges, manifolds, testing supplies. It’s upwards of $10,000 dollars.”

Ben decided to make a change.

“I got a Business Personal Property Policy and switched my coverage to Brian. No kidding, if my equipment was taken and I didn’t have coverage…things could turn upside down real quick. I’ve worked too hard to lose it all. That’s why I chose to work with someone I trust.”

“There’s something about the small business community – we know what’s on the line, the struggles, the challenges and the 24/7 on-the-go lifestyle,” added Brian. “It’s important to support small business owners and make sure they have what they need to be successful.”

Today, Ben has peace of mind knowing he’s protected. And, he’s offering three pieces of advice to small business owners, and anyone considering opening their own shop:

  1.  Be prepared for the unexpected. Get small business insurance.
  2.  Read the fine print. Know what your policy entails.
  3.  Work with someone who understands what you need, and will work for you, day or night.

“Working with Brian is one of the best decisions I’ve made,” said Ben. “After all, the greatest insurance is the kind you don’t have to worry about. It does its job and you can do yours. Being with State Farm means I know I’m secure.”

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