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Prepare Your Home and Family for Severe Spring Weather

It’s out of your control, it’s difficult to predict and can cause extreme harm.

Many children are terrified by it - and so are adults. Because when the wind howls, hail pummels the ground and your home shudders …the stress mounts.

Spring weather can cause severe damage. Take action in advance to make sure your home and family are ready for it.  The following resources will help you prepare and know what to do during a storm.

Your Home

Once spring has sprung, take some time to give your home a check-up along with its annual spring cleaning. Adding these home maintenance tips to your schedule can help your house operate more efficiently.


Your Family

Keeping your family safe when severe weather hits is essential. 


Your Ride

At times, traveling during severe weather is unavoidable. Prepare your vehicle ahead of time and make sure you know what to do if the unexpected happens.

Safe Driving Depends on Regular Tire Maintenance

Why Make a Car Maintenance Schedule?

5 Tips to Remember for Driving Safely in the Rain



After the Storm


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