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State Farm data reveals drop in catalytic converter theft

State Farm auto claims data shows a dramatic drop in catalytic converter theft claims for the first half of this year compared to last year. This is good news in a story that first gained traction when State Farm claims data indicated a significant increase in catalytic converter thefts over the last several years.

State Farm's most recent data (January 1 to June 30, 2023) shows a decline in thefts for the first time since 2019. There were around 14,500 claims the first half of this year, down from the same time last year when State Farm received over 23,000 catalytic converter theft claims.  

Additional claims data from first half of year 2023:

  • 14,500 claims, totaling approximately $41.7 million paid to customers to repair car and replace the stolen part
  • Average claim in first half of 2023 is nearly $2,900

For comparison:

  • 2019: 2,500 claims, $4.7M, $1,900 ave claim
  • 2020: 10k claims, $20.9M, $2,100 ave claim
  • 2021: 32k claims, $73.7M, $2,300 ave claim
  • 2022: 45k claims, $115.4M, $2,500 ave claim
  • 2023: 14,500 claims, $41.7M, $2,900 ave claim (first half of 2023 only)

Top 10 states (first half 2023):

  1.  California with over 5,400 claims and $17.8M paid
  2.  Texas with 1,450 claims and $5.1M paid
  3.  Illinois with nearly 1,300 claims and a cost of $2.9M paid
  4.  Colorado with nearly 670 claims at $2.0M paid
  5.  New York with over 500 claims and $1.5M paid
  6. Pennsylvania with over 480 claims and $1.1M paid
  7.  Georgia with 410 claims and $898K paid
  8.  Minnesota with 400 claims and $934K paid
  9.  Florida with 330 claims and $896K paid
  10.  Washington with 320 claims and $773K paid

As a reminder, State Farm encourages drivers to continue following these tips to prevent theft:

  • Park inside a garage or in well-lit areas.
  • Install a sensitive alarm system.
  • Have a security camera pointing at your car in its usual parking spot.
  • Engrave your VIN on your car’s catalytic converter.
  • To protect yourself, speak with your State Farm agent to make sure that your auto insurance policy covers the theft of your entire vehicle or of its parts through comprehensive coverage.
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