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Teachers Spend Their Summer Vacation @ Work

“What did you do this summer” is a common question this time of year and for some North Carolina teachers, they will share summer Teachers@Work experiences with students. Teachers@Work immerses teachers in the working world, allowing them to create innovative new lesson plans designed to help students prepare for professional life.

Deanna Foust-Platt, a self-proclaimed “educator by choice, teacher by passion” spent two weeks working with State Farm agent Nicole Cockerham and her team. “In a world where people are often not valued as much as technology, it was refreshing to be welcomed into a business where genuine, compassionate, committed individuals had the common goal of serving others,shared Deanna. “As an educator and mentor, I’ve searched for businesses that understand the value of molding our world for those who will come after us. The Teachers@Work experience was a true confirmation that there are companies and people who really want to help students reach their full potential.”

Graphic quote: The job was enlightening, focused and hands on - Deanna Foust-Platt“The job was enlightening, focused and hands-on and because of this, I will be able to teach through a more global lens and develop and deliver lesson plans specifically designed to help students think creatively to find their special talents.,” Deanna expanded. “With the ability to communicate, problem solve, work in a group setting and successfully complete tasks, students can find their own passions and reach their goals.”

Teacher Angel White spent a week with agent Billie Reid, a former educator and school principal himself. She credits him for pushing her far beyond her comfort zone and inspiring her to look for other opportunities that will help her refine the skills she is teaching her students.

Learning environments boost student success

Created by the North Carolina Business Committee for Education, Teachers@Work immerses teachers in real-world business practices and philosophies giving teachers a foundation to create instruction for students designed to foster a talented and qualified future workforce.

See a video of the full panel discussion featuring participating teachers and businesspeople to learn more about this innovative program.

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