Danville, AL,
10:58 AM

The Art of Financial Education

Color the Concepts: A Creative Way to Learn

  • Goods versus Services
  • Supply and Demand
  • Scarcity
  • Inflation
  • Production and Consumption

You might have learned these terms and concepts in a high school or college economics class -- or maybe not at all. But K-8 students in the Alabama Council on Economic Education’s (ACEE) Color the Concepts program, are learning these financial concepts through art.

“Many students are visual/spatial learners. This means they learn more readily through pictures and drawing,” says Melissa Parker, Danville-Neel Elementary & Danville Middle Gifted Teacher.

“The majority of my students love drawing and art but do not have artistic opportunities in the classroom. The Color the Concepts program is a win-win for students. They are learning economic concepts while expressing their creativity through art.”

Color the Concepts encourages students K-5 and 6-8 to create posters of economic concepts. From the submitted drawings, the top 10 are chosen to create posters for use in classrooms across Alabama.


“ACEE’s mission is to promote and to improve economic and financial education for students. The Color the Concepts competition motivates students to learn economics,” says Amanda Pigue, Alabama Council on Economic Education. “They do this by providing a creative way to show their understanding of economic terms. The understanding is key to making sound financial decisions throughout their lives.”

Color the Concepts is about more than just art and economic concepts. It combines the two so a student’s love for learning can thrive.

“I learned economic vocabulary through art. I enjoy art and will never forget my economic concepts,” says Emma, a 4th grader participating in the program.