Don't Make a Costly Mistake!

Understanding Florida Assignment of Benefits (AOB)

Don't make a costly MISTAKE!

We want to make Floridians aware of an important issue called AOB (Assignment of Benefits). Click here to view the AOB Fact Sheet and Red Flag Checklist from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

If you are insured with State Farm, please follow these tips to keep your rights with your claim:

  • If you have a property damage loss in your home, contact State Farm immediately to report the claim. We are here to help 24/7. 1-800-SFCLAIM (1-800-732-5246)
  • Be careful before signing anything without fully reading the documents. An AOB transfers the payment and many rights of your claim to the vendor or contractor for the services provided or to be provided. Keep your rights!
  • Preserve all building and/or plumbing materials removed by any contractor or vendor until you speak with State Farm.

If you have any additional questions about AOB, contact your local State Farm agent or for additional details.