Bloomington, IL,
09:56 AM

Using Augmented Reality to Help Provide Protection from the Storm

A new effort between The Weather Channel and State FarmĀ®

The Weather Channel and State Farm are using augmented reality to provide valuable information consumers need to know before, during and after severe weather. The new 3D storytelling format uses the same type of engaging technology as the popular Pokemon Go.

The Weather Channel enlisted State Farm Technology Research Director Chris Mullen to help educate consumers of the safest place to be during a tornado, when there isn't a basement.

“This integration opportunity with The Weather Channel’s new 3D augmented reality technology truly enabled us to bring our brand promise to life,” said Patty Morris, Brand Content Director for State Farm. “Not only was our Strategic Research Director able to convey her message of safety and preparedness to help life go right; but she was able to physically show the audience what to do if they are affected by a severe weather situation. This solution brings effective communication and brand integration to the next level.”



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