Bloomington, IL,
06:21 PM

Wildfire Safety

If you are a part of a mandatory evacuation:

  • Stay tuned: follow news reports and information from first responders
  • Safety first: material things can be replaced but the loss of life or serious injury can't be fixed.

What to expect from the claims process: we will work with you closely to resolve your claim.

  • If you suffered damage, start your claim as soon as possible: contact your agent, call 1-800-SF-Claim, go to or use our Pocket Agent App.
  • Keep living expenses receipts: they may be reimbursable after meeting your deductible.

Don't Get Burned Twice: Hire a Reputable Contractor:

  • Contact your local home builders association or remodelers council for a directory of reputable contractors.
  • Make sure the contractors are currently licensed, registered and insured.
  • Get at least three different estimates.
  • Insist on a written contract that includes: contractor's contact information, project timeline, payment schedule and permit requirements.

Signs of Poor Business Practices or Possible Scam Involving a Contractor:

  • Pushy door-to-door sales tactics or unsolicited calls are common after a disaster.
  • Promising discounts for using leftover materials or for referring other customers.
  • Insisting on a large deposit or cash payments in full.
  • Asking you to secure building permits.
  • Unwillingness to provide local contact information.

Customers impacted by wildfires can contact their local agent, call 1-800-SFCLAIM (1-800-732-5246), or visit to start the claim process.

Wildfires are causing more damage to homes and businesses each year. Already in 2017, there have been more than 56,000 wildfires*. These have burned almost more than million acres and resulted in widespread damage, firefighter injuries, and the deaths of local residents.

Residents are encouraged to take necessary action with regard to wildfire safety and to take steps to be prepared for wildfire.

* according to the National Interagency Fire Center





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