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Rescuing Horses from the Path of Wildfires

Love of thoroughbreds sends State Farm agent on a wildfire rescue mission.

Wildfires threaten man and beast. State Farm® Agent Ben Samrick is helping both through the devastating wildfires.

Ben's spent his entire life around horses. Riding since he was five years old, Ben’s passion is thoroughbred horses, taking them off the racetrack, rehabilitating and retraining them before finding them new homes. 

So with the wildfires raging in California, Ben found a way to marry his passions and quickly moved to help. With his truck and horse trailer, Ben volunteered his time and resources to help rescue horses caught in the path of wildfires. 

“These fires are devastating,” Ben said. “We are doing everything we can to help.” 

His life-long experience working with horses has been a huge advantage.  

“I showed up at one farm to help a gentleman with 10 horses that needed to evacuate,” Ben said. “There were no halters and the horses hadn’t been in a trailer in years. There were people there to help, but no one had any experience or training in knowing how to get the horses into the trailer.”  

Ben was able to load the horses on the trailer and moved them to safety. He has moved more than 30 horses to safety on his farm and continues to assist where he can.  

In his day job as a State Farm agent in Walnut Creek, California, Ben stresses how residents need to be aware of the severity of the fires and take any necessary precautions.  

“Get out early, listen to evacuation orders, and have a plan in place,” he said.  


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