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State Farm and the metaverse

Taking giant tech leaps in our 100th year

Imagine: skydiving, rock climbing and surfing from your living room. The metaverse is making it a reality.

“At 100 years young, State Farm is harnessing the power of groundbreaking tech - called the metaverse,” said State Farm® Technology Manager Matt Burns. “We’re reimagining how to connect with people using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create an immersive environment where people can work and play.”

Burns leads a team of software engineers who specialize in a suite of technologies like VR and AR. State Farm Labs and Enterprise Technology have been working since 2016 to develop and deploy these capabilities and create memorable interactions.

“State Farm is an early adopter, making big strides in virtual and immersive experiences,” added Lead Software Engineer Jacob Parra.

Parra is a member of Burns’ team, blending tech into community outreach efforts and training tools.

Quoting in the Metaverse

Recently, engineers developed a proof of concept (POC) designed to help users, like State Farm agents, properly quote a new small business insurance policy. Using the POC, people can travel to, and interact with multiple businesses…from their desk.

“No car keys needed,” smiled Parra. “A VR headset and a controller teleports someone to a restaurant, for example. They can enter the kitchen to see what safety equipment it has. Think: smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. No physical visit required.”

Burns says the training has made learning efficient and effective.

“The experience has really resonated with users, and there are other scenarios too. For example, we can use the technology to train claim handlers. They can put on a headset and instantly be walking on a roof inspecting hail damage as part of an immersive training scenario.”

Images from the proof of concept (POC) designed to help users, like State Farm agents, properly quote a new small business insurance policy

Education in the Metaverse

In 2021, the company hosted a summit for girls dedicated to exploring science, technology, engineering and math. The virtual STEM event called Tech Astra™, featured an interactive rocket launcher.

The 360 degree experience also turned into an augmented reality experience.

“Each girl could make their rocket blast off and fly it around the room,” said Burns. “Considering Astra means star, it’s only fitting to reach higher for new possibilities. Setting sights on the next 100 years, we want to weave more of the metaverse into our future.”

Images from the inaugural Tech Astra event that State Farm hosted last October, which features an interactive 360 degree experience.


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