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What does a pathway to the future look like?

State Farm and Arizona State University will help you find one.

Erin O’Connor is a spouse and mother studying sustainability leadership in a post graduate program. Neil Bhuyan is an undergrad studying business data analytics and supply chain management.

Both are benefitting from the personalized and comprehensive approach of the Pathways for the Future (PFF) program at Arizona State University (ASU) . The life-long learning program creates connections between students, faculty, mentors and employers.

Erin is a non-traditional student. Neil is a typical college junior. They voiced appreciation for the opportunities offered through the program as PFF Scholars. The State Farm-funded program is not just a $6,000 scholarship. Pathways also helps them build the knowledge, mindset and skills necessary for life and work in the 21st century.

“They care about you,” Neil said. “Not just in school, but for your future.”

Placing an emphasis on education

The PFF education and career development program launched in February 2020. The $30 million investment from State Farm provides an endowment for scholarships and program operations. It also funds curriculum development, technology tools, and the new career and transition success center.

In addition to the 53 PFF Scholars seeking degrees and certificates, there are 40 other ASU students who received PFF awards. The awards of up to $1,700 cover fees associated with credit eligibility and credit conversion. The money helps jumpstart degree completion. The program seeks students at all stages of life, not just those entering the higher education system upon high school graduation.

PFF is specific to students seeking degrees or certificates in business, engineering and technology, and liberal arts and sciences. In addition to financial help, participants receive coaching and advisement through the Pathways Career Transitions and Success Center.

“Pathways for the Future is just one way State Farm is helping provide learners with the educational tools and resources to achieve and realize their dreams,” said Rasheed Merritt, Assistant Vice-President at State Farm. “State Farm believes education is critical for healthy, vibrant communities. Access to an education helps everyone reach their greatest potential.”


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